do you ever catch yourself thinking of something so weird and fucked up that you have to stop mid-thought and your face is


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So... basically Luna just revealed her identity like 100 times


Alright, so no big deal, Mamoru sees that she carries the same pen as Usagi (which he might not even notice), then he sees Usagi’s talking cat CALLING HER Usagi. He had to have heard Luna considering that Usagi could hear her.

So by now Mamoru should be completely aware that this princess…

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Signs as the 12 Olympians


Aries: Ares

Taurus: Demeter

Gemini: Hermes

Cancer: Aphrodite  

Leo: Hera

Virgo: Hephaestus  

Libra: Apollo

Scorpio: Hades

Sagittarius: Zeus

Capricorn: Athena

Aquarius: Artemis

Pisces: Poseidon

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